The chokeberry

(Aronia Melanocarpa)

The native peoples of North America were the first to include the chokeberry in their daily diet – both in dried form and as an ingredient in other dishes. Today, chokeberry is celebrating a comeback as a superfood.

The reason for this is their content of polyphenols, polysaccharides and flavonoids. The latter, especially anthocyanins, not only give the dark berries their vibrant coloration, but also make them nutritionally interesting.  In Poland and Russia, the chokeberry is highly valued as a foodstuff and is even referred to as a “sacred plant”. 


Black chokeberry

charged with summer sun

Aronia berries officially belong to the pome fruit family and are related to the apple. This is also reflected in their German second name “Schwarze Apfelbeere” (black chokeberry). 

Aronia berries ripen late in the summer, so they can soak up the power of the sun for many weeks – the more sun, the higher their anthocyanin content. At the same time, however, the plant is extremely robust with regard to cooler temperatures and also to pests. 

Aronia berry dietary supplement

From the heart of the EU

Chokeberry from Poland

Today, the largest cultivation areas of chokeberry are located in Poland. And it is from there that from there for the high-purity AroniaCraft®, the only ingredient in rubyni® Aronia.

IIn Poland, the berry not only finds similar climatic conditions to those to which it is accustomed in its original North American homeland,
but also has a much longer tradition there than in other European countries. And because the entire supply chain is in our family’s hands, we can trace the finished extract back to an individual farmer.

The history

Aronia Melanocarpa in human history


Early time

The chokeberry has always been native to eastern North America, serving as food for Native Americans. It is also part of mythical tales of the Sioux.


around 1900

Russian botanist Ivan V. Mitschurin brings the chokeberry to Russia and breeds large-fruited varieties with high yields.


From 1950

The chokeberry spreads throughout the Soviet Union and comes to Central Europe via the Balkans and Scandinavia. 


Since 2000

The chokeberry is being rediscovered as a "superfood". 


Since 2021

The aronia berry is increasingly attracting the interest of scientists. Several research groups are searching for special active substances in the berries and hope for new impulses for product developments in the pharmaceutical industry.